• free Halloween printable {Macbeth quote}
  • 20 fun Halloween treats to make with your kids
  • sweet korean bbq tacos {15 minute recipe} + a $100 giveaway
  • easy mini donut spiders – easy Halloween treat kids can make
  • 20 delicious bread recipes

free Halloween printable {Macbeth quote}


I know, maybe everyone’s over chalkboard printables, since they’re so totally 2013 and all. But the black and white of a chalkboard just seems pretty perfect for Halloween. And this quote from MacBeth is pretty perfect for Halloween too. So even though it’s 2014, I figured I’d go a little “retro” (read: last year) and […]

20 fun Halloween treats to make with your kids

20 fun Halloween treats that are easy enough to make with your kids

The other night my children discovered the wonder of Pinterest. While the boys watched their dad play a video game, I was searching for fun Halloween treats the kids and I could make together  - and before I knew it all the kids were clustered around my laptop, pointing out their favorite ideas and arguing […]

sweet korean bbq tacos {15 minute recipe} + a $100 giveaway

sweet korean bbq tacos are so easy to make in the slow cooker - they only take 15 minutes of prep time - and even the kids will love them!

I’ve been a little bit taco-crazy lately. I LOVE tacos. You know why? Well, I like the taste, but that doesn’t close to explaining my love affair with the little guys. The real reason I love tacos is that they’re easy to make and all my kids will eat them. All the kids! I don’t […]

easy mini donut spiders – easy Halloween treat kids can make


Looking for a fun, easy Halloween craft you can do with your kids that won’t take a lot of prep time? How about these cute mini donut spiders? They’re easy to put together – even my three year old was able to make one – and they don’t take too many supplies. Plus they’re pretty […]

20 delicious bread recipes

20 delicious bread recipes to try - perfect for fall baking!

I’ve always enjoyed baking bread, ever since my home ec teacher taught me how to make daisy braid bread in 8th grade. Bread seems really intimidating to bake – and it’s true, you kind of have to know what you’re doing or things can go wrong – but with the abundance of great tutorials on […]

free pattern for easy to sew teddy bear clothes (build-a-bear)

love this! free sewing pattern for these easy teddy bear clothes (build a bear)

Growing up with four older brothers, my daughter doesn’t have as many “girly” toys as she’d probably like. That’s ok with me – I love watching her play with LEGOS and trains and all those other things hers brothers have enjoyed – but I recently realized that out of the boxful of Build-a-Bear clothes we […]

steakhouse sweet brown molasses bread recipe (just like outback!)

sweet honey molasses brown bread recipe - just like outback steakhouse!

My very favorite part of eating out at the Outback Steakhouse is when the sweet dark brown bread arrives before the meal. It’s soft and delicious, with a hint of molasses and honey. And after a few tries (five!), I think I’ve gotten a really good knockoff recipe down. I tried a few other recipes […]

HUGE list of shows like Downton Abbey + seasons 1-4 giveaway!

60 more period pieces (movies, miniseries, and tv shows) to watch if you love Downton Abbey!

So, those lucky Brits get to watch the Season 5 premiere of Downton Abbey in less than a week! Can you believe it? Those of us across the pond have to wait four more months to check back in with the beloved characters in our favorite period drama. But I have good news: today you have […]