• how to make personalized coloring pages for your kids
  • father’s day questionnaire | gift kids can make
  • “love at home” free quote printable
  • 10 places to go have fun with your kids this summer
  • amazing easy cheesy garlic rolls

how to make personalized coloring pages for your kids

This is completely awesome: you can turn any photo into a personalized coloring page for your kids! What a fun summer activity.

And school’s out for summer! Can you believe it? I can’t believe it. I don’t know how the rest of you feel when the kids are home all summer, but I always vacillate between total contentment that we’re all together and absolute despair that my house will never be clean (or quiet) again. I haven’t […]

father’s day questionnaire | gift kids can make

All About My Dad questionnaire for kids.. This turns out so cute! Easy gift kids can make for Father's Day.

Just FYI for all the rest of you who are in the middle of the end-of-school-year-craziness: Father’s Day is coming up in a few weeks. In a dramatic departure from our usual Father’s Day celebrations, which include me remembering about it at the last minute and throwing some paper and crayons at the kids (make […]

“love at home” free quote printable

Lovely free art print of this quote: there is beauty all around when there's love at home. Free LDS quote printable, perfect for home decor or as a gift.

There’s this song we sing at church called “Love At Home.” It’s a great song with a sweet message about how wonderful the world seems when your home is filled with love. It’s also the song that often gets sung under someone’s breath, a tad sarcastically, when the kids start bickering. Or sticking their tongues […]

10 places to go have fun with your kids this summer

Don't let boredom ruin your summer! 10 super fun things to do with your kids when you need to get out of the house.

***Hey, there’s a giveaway worth $100 at the end of this post!*** I always have a vision of how amazing summer break is going to be: me and the kids sleeping in, spending lazy days relaxing at the pool, everyone getting along and the laundry magically doing itself. And it usually is that great–for the […]

amazing easy cheesy garlic rolls

Amazing cheesy garlic rolls. This recipe is incredible! It's super fast and easy because it's starts with frozen bread dough. How to make cheese bread.

It’s no secret I love bread. Some of you must have a similar love for that divine food, since the bread recipes on my site are WAY more popular than any other recipes. I made these easy cheesy garlic rolls to serve with tomato soup a few days ago as a quick dinner, and the […]

fired ink art | easy craft for kids & adults

This fired ink art is so cool! It's easy enough for kids to do and turns out beautiful! Great summer craft activity to do with your kids. DIY home decor or wall art.

I’m a pretty pathetic artist. It’s true. When I was a kid no one wanted me on their team for Pictionary because I couldn’t draw anything, and in junior high my art teacher used to say “tell me about this picture” because she didn’t want to admit she had no idea what it was supposed […]

the easy tee swing dress | simple sewing tutorial

Learn how to make this easy to sew swing dress (perfect for summer!) using a free tee shirt pattern.

Since I plan to spend the entire summer avoiding the waistband of my jeans and wearing comfy dresses instead, I made a new dress.¬†And to do so I revisited an old favorite of mine: the Easy Tee. This dress is made using the free Raglan Easy Tee pattern and I’m excited with the way it […]

photo gift card holder | fun teacher appreciation idea

This is so fun! Use a photo of your child as a gift card holder for a teacher's appreciation gift teachers will actually want! Easy, practical, end of year teacher gift idea.

These adorable photo gift card holders are an easy, practical gift teachers are sure to love! Yesterday a friend of mine asked this question on Facebook: “teachers, what gift do you love to receive at teacher appreciation time?” Nearly everyone said the same exact thing: teachers would love a note from the child and if […]