• how to sew a raglan tee maxi dress | sewing tutorial
  • the dice game | fun & easy game for kids and adults
  • the everyday maxi skirt | easy sewing tutorial
  • DIY photo & text throw pillow
  • red, white & blue cupcake for Fourth of July

how to sew a raglan tee maxi dress | sewing tutorial

Great tutorial for how to sew this beautiful tee shirt maxi dress for women using a free tee shirt pattern. Easy sewing tutorial.

I don’t own a little black dress. Fashion magazines would tell me that’s a total fashion faux pas, but honestly, where in the world am I going to wear one? I do, however, own two long grey maxi dresses. I can wear these babies anywhere: they look cute and feel like pajamas, which always sounds just […]

the dice game | fun & easy game for kids and adults

The dice game is fun and easy to play for kids and adults. It's a great way to keep the kids busy over the summer. Free printable and video instructions.

I hope your summer is going great so far! By which I mean that I hope you’ve had some time to relax by the pool and that you haven’t yet felt the need to give any of your kids away (or if you have felt the need that you haven’t actually followed through with it). Since […]

the everyday maxi skirt | easy sewing tutorial

Easy sewing tutorial for a women's maxi skirt made from woven (not knit) fabric. How to sew a maxi skirt.

Guess what? I made another skirt. I know, you can hardly believe it. Anyway, as you can see it’s a maxi skirt. It was insanely easy to sew, AND it’s made out of a beautiful, flowy, lightweight fabric which is just perfect for summer. It’s cut wider at the bottom than most maxi skirts, which […]

DIY photo & text throw pillow

Cool! Put a favorite photo inside text for a modern, DIY typographical throw pillow. Click through to learn how. DIY home decor.

You’ve probably seen plenty of typographical throw pillows before; they’re pretty trendy and there’s lots of tutorials out there showing you how to stencil words onto a pillow cover. But today’s project is different: instead of just painting or stenciling a word on a pillow cover, you can put one of your favorite photos inside […]

red, white & blue cupcake for Fourth of July

So cute! Red, white, and blue cupcakes for the 4th of July! Easy dessert idea for July Fourth.

My friend mentioned the other day that she was going to her in laws’ house to do fireworks this weekend. I asked what the occasion was. She gave me a strange look and said “the 4th of July?” Oh, right! It’s the Fourth in less than a week! I kinda didn’t realize it was so soon. Even […]

the classic tee | free pattern in women size L

Learn to make a classic tee with this easy womens sewing tutorial and free pattern in size L. How to sew a t-shirt for women.

I’ve been meaning to put together a pattern for a basic, classic tee shirt for a long time, and I’ve finally gotten around to it. I know, it might seem like a waste of time to sew your own tees when they’re not that expensive to buy, but I hey, I like sewing, so I […]

red, white & blue no churn ice cream for Fourth of July

Red, white, and blue no churn cake ice cream! This is super easy to make, doesn't require an ice cream machine, and is perfect for the Fourth of July! Easy 4th of July dessert recipe.

Have you tried no churn ice cream yet? It’s easy homemade ice cream that only takes a few ingredients and doesn’t even require an ice cream machine. I’ve seen no churn recipes all over the place and I’ll admit, I was pretty darn skeptical – churning is kind of a vital part of making ice cream. […]

turn any photo into a painting | easy DIY gift idea

How to turn any photo into a painting you can print on your home printer - this turns out awesome! Would be a perfect DIY wedding gift.

‘Tis the season for weddings, right? Well today I have a fun DIY wedding gift idea for you. If you can get your hands on a digital photo of the happy couple, you can turn it into a painting using Adobe Photoshop Elements. It’s really easy to do, and you can print it out at home […]