• 16 amazing back to school photo ideas
  • free girls’ dress patterns & charity sewing
  • the play-all-day dress: free girls’ dress pattern in 6 sizes
  • how to paint your piano the easy way
  • the breezy tee free pattern + contrast pocket

16 amazing back to school photo ideas

great tips and ideas for first day of school photos or a back to school photoshoot. I want to try some of these this year!

Some might say you can divide up moms into two groups: those who don’t even want to think about the school year starting again and those who can’t wait for the kids to head back. No matter which camp you’re in (I’m in both), the school year is about to start, which means it’s time to […]

free girls’ dress patterns & charity sewing

huge collection of free girls' dress patterns in multiple sizes - great for personal or charity sewing!

If you sew, you’ll love today’s post: I’ve rounded up 24 absolutely FREE girls’ dress patterns. The best part about these patterns is that all of them come in multiple sizes, as opposed to many free patterns which are one size only. Many of these dresses are fairly easy to sew, meaning they’re great for […]

the play-all-day dress: free girls’ dress pattern in 6 sizes

free sewing pattern for this easy girls' play dress pattern in 6 different sizes! 4-14

I have a fun freebie for you guys today: it’s the Play All Day girls’ dress pattern. This pattern is designed to be the absolutely easiest way to make a basic knit dress for a girl. And when I say easy, I mean easy. The first time you make one it will probably take about […]

how to paint your piano the easy way

there's no need to be scared of painting your piano - this post shows the easiest way to do it with the best result (hint: it's not chalk paint!)

When my husband and I got married, my mother-in-law generously gifted me her piano. In the 16 years since, we’ve hauled this piano across the country and back, moved it into 7 different homes, and lavished it with plenty of little kid love in the form of peanut butter, permanent marker, and general bashing and […]

the breezy tee free pattern + contrast pocket

free pattern for this cute, easy to sew, DIY tee

Last week I shared a new free pattern for the breezy tee in size L. Today I wanted to show another breezy tee to show the difference fabric choice makes in how it fits. Also, I’ll walk through the steps for adding the pocket that’s included in the pattern. I love this pattern because it’s loose […]

people on the internet lie {why you really need a paint sprayer}


When we moved into our new house, I decided to spruce up some old furniture with white paint. After a quick perusal of the font of wisdom known as the internet, I decided chalk paint was the way to go. From the posts I read about chalk paint, it seemed an almost magical commodity: no […]

easy DIY princess nightgown {upcycled from a tee}

cute! easy to sew DIY princess nightgown is made from a women's tee. All it takes is two seams and a little elastic!

Three years ago I shared a tutorial for turning a women’s tee into a girl’s princess nightgown in about 15 minutes with two seams and a little elastic. It was one of my most popular tutorials for a long time, even though the photos weren’t great. I recently made a new upcycled nightgown for my […]

the breezy tee {free womens sewing pattern in size L}

free women's t-shirt sewing pattern - this looks so easy, I bet I could make it! cute, too.

After making about eighty thousand different versions of my free easy tee pattern, I decided it was time for a new free t-shirt pattern. This one is just as easy and simple to sew as the original easy tee, but it’s even better because it has longer sleeves. I love a nice little cap sleeve, […]